Harihar Fort Trek – 25 August, 2018

We had organised the Harihar Trek on 25th August, 2018. 7 of us embarked on the journey by local train. We reached Kasara railway station from where we boarded a Mahindra Savari Jeep to go to the base village, Nirgudpada. We started the trek, wading through the watery fields at first and then climbing the hillock that leads to the most spectacular place of Harihar Fort – the Stairway to Heaven! It’s a 200 feet vertical rock-cut staircase that has 117 stairs! It looked intimidating at first but when we started climbing it with the wind and rain blowing on our faces, it was sheer excitement! We then entered the Fort through the entrance on top of the stairs, climbed another staircase to go to the top of the Fort. The view of the surroundings was breath-taking from the summit. We then descended the staircases, reached Nirgudpada and ate delicious lunch cooked by our local host. After lunch, we traveled back to Kasara railway station and caught a local train for Mumbai. Check out the photos and video of the trek below.

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Trekker Testimonials:

Nikita Lewis – Watch Video
Umesh Bansode – Watch Video
Dhruv Jhaveri – Watch Video
Karan Waghela – Watch Video

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