Upcoming Event: Kalavantin Durg Trek – 29 September, 2018

One Day Trek to Kalavantin Durg on Saturday, 29th September, 2018…

Trek Details and Itinerary…

Trek Grade: Medium
Trek Duration: 5:30 hours (3:00 hrs ascent & 2:30 hrs descent)
Event Fee: Rs. 799 per person (pay 50% advance to confirm your seat)
Base Village: Thakurwadi (Panvel Taluka, Raigad District)
Height: 2,318 feet above mean sea level (MSL)
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Google Maps Location: click here

Trek Highlights:
– Steps leading up to the Fort have been cut into the rock face of the hill. It’s thrilling to climb these steep rock-cut steps, aptly called the ‘Climb to Heaven’
– Fabulous view from the top – Ulhas River, Matheran on the East side; Gadhi River, Chanderi & Peb Forts, the city of Mumbai on the West side; Patalganga River, Manikgad on the South side; Karnala Fort on the north side
– On every Holi (Shimga) Festival, the Adivasi People of Prabal machi (plateau) village observe the custom of dancing at the top of the Fort

Trek Rules:
1. Do Not Litter: Carry a disposable bag in which you can put your trash and dispose the bag off in a dustbin after the trek
2. No Smoking and Alcohol: Smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco or related products and consuming alcohol is strictly prohibited on the trek
3. Stay in a Group: Don’t stray, stick together
4. No Plastic: Avoid buying plastic water bottles; get water bottles filled from home instead
5. No scribbling on monuments
6. No risky poses
7. No harm to or teasing of animals
8. No swimming in drinking water
9. Do not wear perfumes or make loud noise, else you will attract bees
10. Always wear full safety gear – ankle high trekking shoes, full sleeve t-shirt, full track pant, shades, cap, towel, torch, whistle

Trek Itinerary:
6:00 AM: Catch CSMT – Panvel local train from CSMT (please:
– buy a return ticket to Panvel
– board the 1st II class compartment from the rear of the train i.e. from the CSMT side
– reach at least 10 minutes before the train departure time)
6:18 AM: Train reaches Vadala Road
6:29 AM: Train reaches Kurla
6:34 AM: Train reaches Chembur
6:49 AM: Train reaches Vashi
6:58 AM: Train reaches Nerul
7:09 AM: Train reaches Kharghar
7:20 AM: Train reaches Panvel, travel to base village Thakurwadi (14.5 kms) in a tum tum
8:15 AM: Reach Thakurwadi, have packed breakfast
8:30 AM: Start the trek
11:00 AM: Reach Prabal machi (plateau)
11:45 AM: Reach atop Kalavantin Durg, relax
12:15 PM: Start the descent
1:00 PM: Reach Prabal machi & have lunch (Veg) at the local host’s house
2:00 PM: Continue the descent
4:00 PM: Reach Thakurwadi, start return journey in the tum tum to Panvel railway station
4:45 PM: Reach Panvel railway station
5:07 PM: Catch the Panvel – CSMT Local Train
5:18 PM: Train reaches Kharghar
5:29 PM: Train reaches Nerul
5:37 PM: Train reaches Vashi
5:50 PM: Train reaches Chembur
5:56 PM: Train reaches Kurla
6:08 PM: Train reaches Vadala Road
6:26 PM: Train reaches CSMT

Google Maps Route:
Panvel Railway Station to Thakurwadi (14.5 kms – 0:38 hours) – click for route

Important things to carry:
– Copy of Identity Card
– Peanuts/Chana/Chikki for more stamina
– First Aid Kit (basic – dettol, nebasulf, cotton swabs, bandaids, small scissors, crocin, antibiotic for stomach ache, personal medications if any) – Note: the trek lead does carry a medical kit along
– 3 Bottles of water – this is a must, the more the better
– Electral (in a rare case of dehydration)
– Backpacks, preferably with rain cover (no sling bags or jholas)
– Ankle length Trekking Shoes (avoid shoes with plastic soles, you can keep spare floaters to wear after the Trek)
– T-shirt (preferably having full sleeves to protect against insect bites, sun burns, etc.)
– Track pants (preferably – again to protect against insect bites, sun burns, AVOID shorts, 3/4ths and denim pants)
– Cap or a bandana for covering your head
– Extra pair of clothes, socks & towel (packed in plastic bags for changing at the end of the trek)
– Plastic pouch to cover your mobile phone
– Torch (to explore any dark areas like caves, etc.)
– Swiss Knife (optional – may come handy)
– Paper tissues
– Avoid carrying gold or other valuable items (even expensive cameras)

Despite choosing safe trek destinations and taking all the necessary safety precautions, God forbid, if anything untoward happens (injury, loss or damage to person or property), Outdoors Redefined or its individual members will assume no responsibility for the same whatsoever.

Last Date to Register: 1 day prior to the Event i.e. till Friday, 28th September, 2018 or till the batch is full

Advance Payment: 50% i.e. Rs. 399/- per head (Non- Refundable) to register for this Event

Please deposit Advance Payment in the following bank account:
Account Name: Sagar Mahadeshwar
Bank Name: Saraswat Cooperative Bank
Bank Account No.: 055203100000679
Account Type: Savings
Bank Branch: Vikhroli West
IFSC Code: SRCB0000055
Transfer Description: Your Name – Kalavantin Trek Advance – 29 Sep

A confirmation phone call to the following contact person is necessary after you transfer the advance payment:
Sagar Mahadeshwar: 9892503550 / 8779885567 / 9892505557
In case, you can’t get through these numbers, please send SMS or Whatsapp message.
Email: outdoorsredefined[at]gmail[dot]com

Event Fee Inclusions:
1. To and Fro Transportation (Tum Tum) from Panvel Railway Station to Base Village
2. Breakfast (Veg), Lunch (Veg) and Evening Tea
3. Facilitation and Guide Charges

Event Fee Exclusions:
1. To and Fro Transportation from your home to Panvel Railway Station
2. Local Train Ticket fare
3. Any other thing not mentioned in Inclusions

1. The Event will be cancelled if it doesn’t get at least 6 participants
2. If an Event is cancelled due to inadequate participation or unavoidable circumstances (like transport failure, riots, etc.) or acts of God (like Natural calamities, etc.), the registrants can opt to either (i) transfer the refund amount to any other future Event of ours or (ii) get us to transfer it to their Bank accounts

Other Terms & Conditions apply.

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