Trekker Testimonials

When you are with Outdoors Redefined, Everything’s GOOD! Hear it in different versions from our members themselves:

Nikita Lewis (Harihar Fort Trek on 25 August, 2018):

Nikita Lewis

“I enjoyed the trek a lot, especially the help, support and encouragement provided by the trek lead, Sagar Mahadeshwar – it was overwhelming! There was a point when I didn’t want to climb the staircase but he convinced me to do it and I actually completed it. So, I felt really GOOD. Thank you so much, Outdoors Redefined and hope to join you again.”

Umesh Bansode (Harihar Fort Trek on 25 August, 2018):

Umesh Bansode

“The Trek was very GOOD. We enjoyed it a lot. It was looking difficult initially but with the able guidance of our experienced Trek lead, we completed it successfully and the experience was great. Outdoors Redefined should organise more such Treks and get many more people to participate.”

Dhruv Jhaveri (Harihar Fort Trek on 25 August, 2018):

Dhruv Jhaveri

“My advice is that if you want to get away from the hectic city life of Mumbai, you need to be outdoors and there’s no better place than to be with Outdoors Redefined! It was a nice experience, it was GOOD, it was fun!”

Karan Waghela (Harihar Fort Trek on 25 August, 2018):

Karan Waghela

“It was worth coming all the way from Vadodara to Mumbai for this Trek with Outdoors Redefined. They actually redefined the notion of having fun during a Trek. The journey with them was really GOOD; have got lots of knowledge. I look forward to joining them again.”

Ganesh Shetty (Korigad Trek on 28 July, 2018):


“Right from transportation to the food to the safety during the Trek was awesome. Outdoors Redefined managed the trek very well. Sagar and his team are doing a GOOD job. So, all the best to them!”

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